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PTA Newsletter - Winter 2019

The PTA Newsletter for Winter 2019 is now available!

Annual Direct Appeal Fundraiser

We are pushing hard this year to make a change in our ability to provide financial support to our students and staff. Please give what you can. Online contributions can be made at:

With your support we can start saying yes!

Recent newsletters are now posted

The November 2019 DeWitt Newsletter and the November 2019 DeWitt Observer are now posted.


Stay Informed, Join The DeWitt PTA Listserv!

To join, click on the link,, and type "Please add me to the PTA listserv." in the subject line, mention your child's name and grade in the body, and the administrator will add your email address to our list.

DeWitt PTA is Now on Facebook!

The DeWitt PTA is a moderated and closed group. Follow this link to request to join the group.

DeWitt PTA bylaws

2017 version.


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