DeWitt Middle School, Ithaca NY
DeWitt Middle School
560 Warren Rd
Ithaca NY 14850

Phone: 607-257-3222
Fax: 607-266-3502

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Supplies for Students at DeWitt.

​Links to the complete list of supplies for each grade can be found below.

​​All sixth and seventh graders, as well as eighth graders, who are new to DeWitt, need to bring in four dollars for a custom printed engineering notebook.

​​These are needed for technology engineering classes. Students who are enrolled in the free/reduced lunch program should bring in a copy of the letter their family received indicating they are in that program. Those students will have a notebook provided. ​​

(This item was recently added to the list for 6th graders)

6th Grade Supplies

7th Grade Supplies

8th Grade Supplies​​​​​​