Clubs at DeWitt for 2018/19 TBD

Registration forms are available on Penny's table. Late buses are available.

Update: There will be no French Club this year.

Past Clubs have included:

Afternoon Clubs

Club Name,  day,  time,  staff,  meeting place

HomeWork Club,  M,T,Th,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Penny Boynton,  Cafeteria /classrooms

TSA, Tues.- Thurs,  3:30-6:00 pm,  Mr. Walters,  TECH N

Knitting Club,  Mon,  3:25-4:30 pm,  Ms. Ewards-Parker,  E 219 A

French Club,  Mon,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ms. Stevenson,  B104

Art Club,  Mon,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ms. Bryant,  Art Room

Dungeons & Dragons,  Mon,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Pboynton& E. Klimowicz,  C205  (every other Mon.)

Chess Club,  Mon,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Pboynton& E. Klimowicz,  C205  (every other Mon.)

Horse Club,  Tues,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Smith / Palmer,  D241

Library Squad,  Tues,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ms Church,  Library

Club of Clubs,  Tues,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Tvoorheis/Pboynton,  Library

Destination Imagination,  Wed,  3:20-5:00 pm,  LLoiacono/PBoynton,  D241 2D

Computer Game Design,  Thurs,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Penny Boynton/ IC,  Art Computer Lab

Year Book Club, Thurs,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ms Smith,  D241

Ping Pong Club,  Thurs,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ms. Hoffman,  game room

Morning Clubs 

Club Name,  day,  time,  staff,  meeting place

Aquarium club,  Fri,  8:00-8:45 am,  Mr. Gottlieb,  D205

NJHS,  Thurs,  8:00-8:45 am,  Quadrozzi,  Library

Agency Sponsored Clubs 

Club Name,  day,  time,  staff,  meeting place

Cooperative Extension Adventures in Cooking,  Wed,  3:20-5:30 pm,  Aislyn Colgan,  FCS Kitchen

Media Matters,  Mon,  3:20-5:30 pm,  Aislyn Colgan,  D241

Magic Afternoons,  Tues,  3:20-5:30 pm,  Aislyn Colgan,  Art Room

Lunch Bunch,  Tues. Lunch,  11:55 am -1:08 pm,  Aislyn Colgan,  D241

IYB College Discovery,  Mon. & Thurs,  3:20-4:30 pm,  Ithaca Youth Bureau,  Library

Learning Web,  Tues,  3:20-5:30 pm,  Tyra Mazzer,  D241

Cornell Film Makers,  Wed. & Fri,  3:20-5:00 pm,  CU Dr. Duff,  B102 B103 B104