Frequently Asked Questions

What is DeWitt TSA?

What are the DeWitt PTA bylaws?

(Updated version - 2017.)

What are the DeWitt MS Theater Guidelines?

Since many of our audience members will be young people who are still learning proper theater etiquette we ask that you please review the following guidelines before sending your students to the play. Please also help to model appropriate audience behavior by following these guidelines yourselves.

  1. Calling out, yelling, and making loud noises during the performance is unacceptable. Applauding at the end of songs is okay.
  2. There is no food or drink in the auditorium. This includes chewing of gum.
  3. Please remove all hats and coats while in the auditorium.
  4. All cell phones should be turned OFF during the performance. Texting during the performance is prohibited!
  5. Attendees should not enter or leave the auditorium during the performance. If you have an emergency situation and must leave, please try to be as quiet as possible. Please wait until the end of a song to return to the auditorium.

What are the guidelines for the DeWitt PTA listserv?

How can I give permission for my child's graphic work, writing, image, voice, etc. to appear on the DeWitt PTA website?

If you would like to give consent for your child's graphic work, writing, voice, or image to appear on this website, in the PTA newsletter, in other school projects, etc., please complete the parental consent form and return to the DeWitt associate principal.

What is the policy regarding dances at Dewitt?

What is the "early release drill"?

The ICSD Early Release-Emergency Drill usually takes place in October. Students and staff in each school building will need to vacate, but can return for evening events (including athletic practices) after 5:00 pm. Custodians are the only staff members who are exempt from leaving. The drill is required by the State Education Department in order ensure that all emergency systems are in place in case of any emergency shut-down of all school facilities.

What is NJHS?