Music at DeWitt

General Information

Unless otherwise noted, all concerts will take place in the evening (dates TBD) at Kulp Auditorium at Ithaca High School. Transportation is not provided. Students who do not have transportation should contact their teacher or Penny Boynton (DeWitt's Family Liaison) for assistance.

Concert Dress Borrowing Closet

New This Year! The PTA closet will have some concert-ready clothes for students to borrow. If your child needs to borrow some clothes, please let the teacher know or contact (TBD)

If your child has outgrown last year’s concert clothes, please consider donating them to our closet. (In particular, we need black shoes.) If you’d like to make a donation please contact (TBD). Thank you!

Concert Dress Code Items
  • Black dress shirts (for orchestra only)
  • White dress top (for band, chorus and choir)
  • Black dress pants
  • Black shoes
  • Black socks
  • Solid black dress (MUST fall below the knees when sitting down)
  • Black skirts (MUST fall below the knees when sitting down)

If you have any concerns re: the dress code, please contact the teacher.

Concert Dates TBD

Concert Dress Code: 

  • The Concert Dress Code is all black.
  • Black shirts, pants and shoes.
  • Girls may wear black dresses that fall below the knee when sitting down.
Past Special Events Include:

Area All-Sate (Select Students)

All County (Select Students)

NYSSMA Solo Festival (participation optional)

Orchestra Trip

Chamber Orchestra
Concert Dates TBD

Concert Dates TBD

Concert Dress Code: 

  • White dress top
  • Black dress bottom.
  • Black shoes and socks
  • Ladies may where a solid black dress (optional)
  • Gentlemen may where a dark tie (optional)
  • Skirts/Dresses MUST fall below the knees when sitting down
  • See Mr. Treat the week before if there are any dress code issues
Past Special Events:

NYSSMA Solo Festival 

7th & 8th Grade Concert Band Trip to Hershey Park

Mini Tour of the Feeder Elementary Schools (6th grade only)

Jazz Band

Date TBD

7:00 pm

Kulp Auditorium

Concert Dates TBD 
Spring Concert

Concert Dress Code:
  • White on top
  • Black on the bottom.
  • No ties.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • If there is a need due to economic restraints, guardians can contact Mr. Woodridge no later that two weeks prior to the concert.
Past Special Events Include:
6th Grade chorus performance at the Ice Cream Social 

6th Grade Vocal NYYSMA 

7th & 8th Grade Trip to Hershey Park (selected students)

8th Grade Trip to New York City to attend a Broadway Musical

DeWitt Middle School Play

Audition for this years play will be coming soon. We encourage any and all student to come out for this opportunity.

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