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Math Counts!

DeWitt Wins First Place

Xiaodong Cao,
Cornell University Professor
of Mathematics

Even with one of the smallest and youngest teams entering the recent Mathcounts Chapter competition, DeWitt took home the #1 team trophy! The DeWitt Math Club hosted the MathCounts school round competition on January 15th at DeWitt, and the team participated in the Chapter competition on February 2nd at SUNY Delhi. The four official team members are Athena Nie (captain), Annalise Thompson, Jasper Agrawal and Lei Cao, but everyone contributed to the team success as part of the team. Other participants were: Hewitt Gao, Vipul Singh, Jennifer Zhao, Boaz Ng and Jonathan Sackett. The students also did very well individually in the chapter competition (Athena #2, Lei #6, Boaz #8 and Annalise #11). In the afternoon countdown round, three of the four finalists were from the DeWitt Math Club: Athena, Boaz and Lei. Boaz won the countdown championship. Many thanks to Coach Inna for training our kids--she prepared them well individually and especially as a team, and helped our kids build their confidence! Thanks to school teachers Mrs. Danskin, Mr. McGrath, Mr. Knight, Mrs. Troy, and Mrs. Boynton; to PTA board members Empar Sicroff, and Eglantina Lucio-Belbase; to parent volunteers Mike Thompson and Rachel Nie; and to all the parents for their support! Our next challenge is to compete in the state competition, which is March 9th at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY.

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It’s Time for 8th Grade Students to Plan

Their 9th Grade Schedules Your child’s 9th grade scheduling letters have been mailed to student homes. This letter will have the date and time that your child will meet with his or her guidance counselor here at DeWitt. If you cannot make the appointment and wish to be here for it please call or email Kathy Troy to reschedule. Please note that if you are not at the appointment that is ok as your child will get a copy of their tentative schedule to bring home to you.