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The 6th graders have been very busy these past weeks. In social studies classes, they have been studying ancient India and China. Mrs. Horrocks’ classes have embarked on their biggest project of the year, researching and creating an 8-panel pamphlet that covers six aspects of Chinese civilization. Ms. Bechert’s classes will cover the same material, creating an infographic from their research. English classes spent several weeks researching and writing
persuasive essays on the mystery of the death of the pharaoh Tutankhamen (“King Tut”), coordinating with the social studies unit on ancient Egypt. They are beginning the new term with a literature unit on overcoming obstacles. Students experienced a “book tasting” where the room was set up like a restaurant, with many different books on the menu. Students rotated from table to table “tasting” each selection in order to pick the one they most wanted to read! Science classes have had many hands-on lab experiences. They have been studying the periodic table, reading and writing about Marie Curie, experimenting with chemical reactions, and doing creative, independent work on their mid-year portfolios. Math classes did a unit on graphing and integers, and practiced dividing and multiplying fractions.

On February 5th, we celebrated the Lunar
New Year, complementing our studies of
ancient China. Hallways were decorated
with Chinese dragons and flags, core classes
participated in different China-themed activities, dragon dancers roamed the halls and visited classrooms, Chinese food was served, and we ended the event by watching Mulan.

6th Grade Update 

Submitted by Kelly Horrocks

Spring Sports Registration

The 2019 7/8th Modified Spring Sports Registration opens on February 25th.

Please register online through Family ID. You can find a link to FamilyID on the ICSD webste, on the Athletics page (

Registrations will be open until March 24th. Modified Spring Sports Include:

• Baseball

• Softball

• Boys and Girls Lacrosse

• Boys and Girls track

• Boys Tennis

Tryouts and practices start March 25th.

If you have questions regarding registration, please contact Family ID. Coaches and Practice Schedules will be listed on the ICSD Website.

Community Notice!

The Large Athletic Field Next to Northeast Elementary School will be Closed all Summer for Maintenance!

Ithaca City School District will be improving this athletic field over the summer, therefore the field will be closed. Please spread the word! If you know of an organization that uses that field during the summer, please let them know they will need to make other arrangements.

If you have questions, please contact Samantha Little at the ICSD Athletic Office., (607) 274-2155


PTA events are listed in bold


M 11 PTA Meeting: ICSD Budget

F 15 Vacation Day

M 18 District Conference Day – no school


M 01 - T 02

NYS ELA Assessments

T 09 Ice Cream Social

M 15 - F 19 Spring Recess 

W 01 Staff Appreciation Day
M 06 – T 07
NYS Math Assessments
M 13 PTA Meeting
M 27 Memorial Day recess

M 10 Last PTA Meeting
F 21 8th Grade Dance
M 24 8th Grade Promotion
T 25 Last day for students
W 26 Last day for staff